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As a potential customer, you deserve to know something about us

Since 1982, North America Duty Free has met the export trading needs for a global marketplace from its warehouse in the Foreign Trade Zone in Port Everglades, Florida. NADF can also offer additional warehouse and distribution facilities in Orlando, FL, and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This family owned and operated duty-free ships chandler and export company is most honored to represent major manufacturers for the sale and distribution into niche global markets.

The company's versatility and years of experience in duty free operations and export trading experience enable it to provide bulk, institutional or retail packaging. Products may be shipped under proprietary labels, NADF label or, upon special request, the buyer’s label.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are proud of our accomplishments and appreciate the valuable time you've taken exploring NADF.






Over 40 years experience marketing, purchasing and sales. Janet Fortgang has had a successful career as a buyer for national retail chain stores and a duty free airport operation. The focus is to meet the customers’ needs.




Over 40 years experience in the export business, starting in sales for multi-national companies servicing customers in Central and South America. Steve Fortgang’s has had a successful career in sales and purchasing for tax-free retail and wholesale industry.




Over 20 years experience in sales, purchasing, operations, warehousing and logistics. Starting with operations, delivery customization, logistics and management has given Jess Fortgang the tools for meeting the needs of our clients.